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신사의 품격 Review on ''A gentleman's dignity'' (2012)

This drama is really THE BOMB. It really reminds me of secret garden, which is what i love about this show. Not that it doesn't have it's own originality, of course- which it has a lot of, believe me.
What I love most about this drama, is the use of unique scenes scattered throughout the episodes, and it really gives the drama it's own sort of feel. It gives me the sense of happiness that now once in a while, there's screenwriters which are bothered enough to come up with something that no other screenwriter has used in another drama. This show deserves an award for its unique traits and original use of scenes. I think i've established that point quite alot now... moving on.

Things I liked about this drama
So this drama for me is absolutely chegul (note: chegul is ''great'' in korean). Even though I've only watched up to episode 16 (and pretty near the ending), I think that i'm still able to do a detailed and responsive review based on what i've seen.
1) The interaction among the characters is absolutely fantastic. I especially loved the four bestfriends group and their own little friendship circle. I normally refer to them as the forty year old F4's (since they're all players anyway, so it would make sense haha). The problems that rise among the group cause cute little reactions between the members and shows you their immature side. This reminds me- I especially love every single beginning of each episode where it shows you the men's past and the cute little scenarios that arise. It not only allowed me to get to know the F4 members more, but also- it gave a little break from the actual drama plot and gave the drama another dimension. It's as if you're learning more about the scandalous men even though you get a lot of them from the episodes already.
2) Kim ha neul's portrayal of seo yi soo. Even though she is supposedly in her late 30's- early 40's in the drama, I like the cuteness she brings out in the character of seo yi soo. Even though seo yi soo is a teacher, and this is surely supposed to show the strict side of her- I like how she's also down to earth and cute outside of class as this contrasts greatly with kim do jin's strictness (at times, though he is mostly very warm and gentleman like- even though he claims not to be). At times- you can say she goes a little overboard with the repeated use of ''ottokhe'' but that's probably more of the screenwriter's fault. And also, even though the act of frustration can also be blamed for- I guess it's just her trying to give the audience a stronger vibe and understanding of her character as a whole.
3) Colin's involvement in the story. Even though recently from episode 16, I got a little pissed off that he's breaking the relationship between seo yi soo and kim do jin- I think that this is going to make them stronger. Also- it shows you that as people, we're not perfect and i think that it's very important to stress this, even in dramas- because it's dramas that mostly make life look perfect. Not to mention- I am a huge BOICE and i couldn't help but scream everytime lee jonghyun came on screen. Ohhh- and another point! I really think that Colin would make a cute couple with im meahri (cause i'm not really for the whole thing that she has with yoon- he's too old for her!)
4) The relationship lee jong ruk had with his wife. I have to admit- even though we at times feel sorry for his wife- I think that the drama doesn't dig too deep into his wife's emotions, so it makes the situation a little lighthearted and even though i hate to say it- a little humorous. I love the way lee jong ruk's wife (sorry, i've forgotten her name already!) acts like she's looking after 4 huge babies and i love the way they're all scared of her. It's just so cute >.< And the fact that they're all plotting against her makes her seem like the big baddie- when she's completely the opposite. In fact, she seems to me to be a little sensitive- but wants to look strong. And is it just me or does lee jong ruk kind of reflect oska (from secret garden). Anyway- I really enjoy the wittiness, and i love the interaction between jong ruk (or should i say 'no interaction') and his wife. How he tries to run away from her builds tension and humour into the drama.
5) The student who seems to have a crush on teacher seo yi soo. Even though i'm not really for a huge age gap relationship sort of thing- this crush was different to yoon-meahri's relationship because the student didn't really seem clingy. And he seemed really mature- so the age gap wasn't so distinct.

Things I didn't like about this drama
1) Maehri's crush on yoon. Even though I love both maehri and yoon (seperately), the fact that yoon's- as quoted by tae san ''17 years older'' than maehri kind of grosses me out. Like, I think it's cute how maehri's crush on yoon is making her all lovestruck and adorable- but when you put it into reality- it really is cringe worthy. Maybe they should've made her character in her 30's at least- but still really cute like.
2) How kim do jin told seo yi soo that the only reason why he was attracted to her was the fact that he wanted to sleep with her at first. I know that was his first impression of her- but i didn't find that thought attractive AT ALL. It should've been something more meaningful. I'm sure there's a misunderstanding/something he hasn't told her about his attraction to her, but for the time being- it's just not romantic. It's really missing an element. When he said this to her, it kind of reminded me of kim joo won (another secret garden ref) when he told gil ra im that the relationship he had with her was one he could forget easily where after he got bored with her, she would turn into bubbles (even though he changed later) so i think that perhaps kim do jin's perception of seo yi soo at first will mean nothing to him later on.


The main songs that I loved 
I absolutely adore Kim tae woo's high high and i'm glad that it's been used for the main title. It's got a really upbeat rhythm to it that immediately cheers you up. Also, the trumpets give the ''celebration'' feel that also adds to the cheeriness. I'm glad that kim tae woo sang this song, because his voice is so expressive of emotions which is what i love about him. I really like the fast pace of the drums as well- it gives the song a lot of energy and I can really feel the music vibrancy pouring out.
I also LOVED jeon geun hwa's beautiful words. It's a very light hearted song that adds that extra oomph in any scene. I really like the use of acoustic guitar and the small clicking fingers throughout the song- it really paints out a scene used often in the beginning episodes of a gentleman's dignity where kim do jin's drawing yi soo and all he can see around him is green grass, a blue sky and a windy breeze blowing calmly. This song goes perfectly well with those scenes.
I also really love park eun woo's everyday. I think this song has the potential of being just part of a non-ost album because it sounds like one of those songs that aren't supposed to be in an OST, but still does a fantastic job being there. I really like park eun woo's voice and expressive singing. This song sounds like the perfect song to listen at night whilst looking up at the stars and sitting with your friends on the beach.
Big baby driver's spring i love you best. This song is so calming. It really reminds me of a baby's lullaby- maybe this song foreshadowed the fact that Colin was looking for his father. Anyway, this song is beautiful and could make any angry person calm down. The only problem I had this song was the fact that I didn't actually realise the singer was singing in english until i looked up the song. I guess I wasn't listening hard enough. Not sure- but that doesn't matter so much.
Finally- Yangpa's ''what do you love...''. Even though this song is beautiful, and serves it's purpose as the sad song you play in sad scenes etc- this song is the only criticism I have in the whole of the album. I would've preferred if they chose a song with a hard hitting chorus like ''because it's you'' by Hyorin or ''it has to be you'' by Yesung with a very memorable tune. Even though you can argue that this song does have a hard hitting chorus with the drums getting louder in the chorus- it still just doesn't do it for me. I find the problem probably lies in the use of instruments as well e.g. if they used cellos in the chorus. I love this song, and even though the feeling of this song is different and beautiful in its own way- I still would've like it even better if it was like the songs i mentionned above.

To end it, I think that you should really watch this drama if you liked secret garden- the two have very similar feels. Or if you're finding a new drama to watch- then this is definitely the one for you to watch.

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